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Client : Ansible by Red Hat
Agency : Jumping Rock Media

Producer : Scott Hall (jumping rock)
Content Lead : Bobby Otten (jumping rock)
Project Manager : Rachael Brooks (jumping rock)

Music + Sound : Joe Basile (the chicken)
Direction : Zan Gantt, Mikey Zoppo (blueteam)
Design : Zan Gantt, Mikey Zopp (blueteam)

Animation : Zan Gantt, Mikey Zoppo (blueteam)


AnsibleFest brings open source experts together to exchange ideas on how to create, manage, and scale automation in ways that best address industry challenges.

This project presented the creative challenge of recognizing the obstacles that the pandemic imposed on work life throughout the years, while also promoting and inspiring the prospects of collaboration in automation for the future.

To keep in line with Red Hat's visual brand, we chose a flat vector approach with a focus on characters and strong motion and design fundamentals.

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